Our Goal

Bringing St. Dominic’s Mission to Life

2300 Families and 5,000 students call this parish home.  One of them is Michael.

“I believe that God chooses to change my life through the small everyday events – those events where I choose him over everything else.  I attribute my discernment of a call to serve the Church a result of the strong model of daily Catholic living that the Dominican Fathers are so faithful to.  Because of their example and encouragement, I was able to listen and hear God speak his plan for me.”

There's an active Catholic Student Ministry at UVA.

The Dominicans in Charlottesville have brought many blessings to the community. Building a Priory here increases the Dominican presence and ensures that their mission will continue.  As a building, it will provide a residence for six to twelve Dominican Friars. The priory will include individual cells with a bed and desk for each friar, a common dining and recreation room, lecture and study space, a chapel, and a large interior garden for quiet contemplation.

Learn more about the benefits of a Priory to Charlottesville.

A priory also creates an opportunity for the community to participate actively in the monastic life – an opportunity that few in the United States have access to today. The Friars will at times open their morning and evening prayer to the community of the faithful.  There will also be two parlors for social interaction with the Friars and community members.

Only with your contributions will the construction of this Priory be possible. We need $4.6 million to make this vision a reality.  Thanks to our gracious donors, we are on our way to achieving this goal.  We are so grateful for the contributions that have been made.

But we have a long way to go.  And every contribution is needed.  If each parish family contributed $20 / week toward this effort, within one year we would raise over $2.4  million towards this effort.

We pray that you consider how you can ensure that the Dominicans presence remains a strong part of the Charlottesville / UVA community.

How has your life been positively impacted by the Dominican Fathers?  Email us your stories at:  STADominicanPriory@gmail.com.

A Priory Brings Blessings and Benefits to Charlottesville

Prayer. Study. Contemplation. Service. These are fundamental components of Dominican life. A priory facilitates communion among the Friars. It will help us serve as better models of the Catholic faith for all those we encounter. Life-long faith formation for the entire parish community will be enhanced through:

  • An increase in the number of priests living in residence from the current four today to up to twelve.
  • More priests for masses, spiritual advisement, and teaching.
  • A greater emphasis on ministering to the University community with masses on UVA Grounds and lecture and study resources.
  • The opportunity for parishioners to participate in the monastic life as guests of the Friars, with occasional public invitations to Morning and Evening prayers.
  • Further opportunity for outreach to Charlottesville through direct ministry and increased parish programming.

For decades, the Dominican Order has considered building a priory to support the Saint Thomas Aquinas University Parish mission. After much prayer and discernment, the Dominican Order realized that the time to make this vision a reality is now. They recognize the vibrancy here and see the blessings that an expansion of our Dominican presence would bring.

Your generous financial contributions will ensure that the priory becomes a reality that will better serve our community.

Each Dominican brings to our church his own unique gifts, but all have in common a strong love of service, a dedication to the teachings of the Catholic Church, and a unity with one another that is inspiring.” Parishioner – a member of the St. Thomas Aquinas University Parish community