St. Vincent Ferrer Columbarium

2013 04 17 Columbarium Logo

“I go to prepare a place for you.” John 14:3

A Columbarium is a consecrated place where the cremated remains (cremains) of the deceased may be placed with the name and dates of birth and death recorded. It is an arrangement of niches, in a wall into which an urn is placed for permanent memorial.


Roman Catholic tradition has looked upon a Catholic burial as the final act of faith, a witness to one’s belief in the resurrection of the body and everlasting life. The Vatican lifted the prohibition forbidding Catholics to choose cremation in 1963. The Code of Canon Law and the Order of Christian Funerals have incorporated this revision.

Churches have traditionally been the natural repository and final resting place of deceased members of the Christian community. Burial within the church itself or in an adjacent churchyard was once a common practice. The amount of land necessary for burial ground is no longer available to most churches and a myriad of laws and regulations make it extremely difficult to establish a burial site. In recent years, cremation with inurnment of the cremains, rather than burial, has become more common. In this way, the remains of the deceased can remain at the church that played such an important part in their lives. In some cases, many people are turning to cremation as an economical, dignified way to address the rising cost of funerals.IMG_2452

As more and more people turn to cremation, cost of traditional funerals will continue to rise. By creating a Columbarium, we are addressing the needs of those who choose cremation and prefer to be located beneath the Chapel of the Thomas Aquinas Priory.

It has been traditional throughout the ages for Churches to offer a final place of rest to the faithful. In particular, the Dominican Order is committed to pray for the souls of the deceased. Such prayers on a daily basis for those who are buried within the walls of the Priory, will be assured.

Pre-construction pricing is in effect through the month of April. If you are interested in purchasing a columbarium niche at our introductory prices, please contact the Parish office at 434-293-8081.