About The Dominican Order

Thus, he saw the need for preachers who could explain and defend the true faith

A Brief History of the Beginnings

The Dominican Order was founded in 1216.  St. Dominic sent his followers to University centers.  They received a strong academic grounding in the faith.  As bearers of the Word, they were sent to combat the heresy rampant at that time.

They attracted a large following among faculty and students alike.  Their popularity spread quickly and by the end of the 14th century, the Dominican Order was firmly established at all of the major Universities in Europe.  This connection to Universities was maintained as the Order grew in popularity around the world.

Combining passionate dedication to the Word of God and a strong intellectual tradition, the Dominicans have produced many leading theologians and philosophers.

The Dominicans in Charlottesville have had a positive influence on religious vocations.  UVA students and parishioners have been called to live as Priests, Nuns, and Laypeople dedicated to a life of prayer and service to others.

Your contributions to the Priory Campaign ensure the continuation of the mission of St. Dominic in our community.

For more info about the Dominican Order, please visit our Dominican Resources page.