Ash Wednesday Update

Work proceeds at an amazing pace! Framing for the first floor is nearly finished. The stairs from the first to second floor are installed and framed in. The floor joists for the second floor are in the process of being installed and the framing is in place for the Recreation Room on the South side of the Priory and the East side Friar’s Rooms. We are nearly done with all the concrete sub-flooring – the north side of the building being the last to be poured. Placement has begun for the cinderblock under-layer for the entrance to the Crypt and brickwork has begun on the North side retaining wall. On the Chapel roof, the felt has been put in place, the roof shingles awaiting the rest of the roof framing. Fill dirt is going in around the exterior of the building and in the courtyard. We are nearing the final decision-making stage for the St. Vincent Ferrer Columbarium and those plans will be presented in the near future.

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