30 December 2013

Dear Parishioners and Friends,

I write to you at the end of the 2013 year with a full heart. We are in the final hours of our Jubilee Challenge. As you all know, in March of this year, on the feast of St. Joseph, the Dominican Fathers celebrated our Golden Jubilee—fifty years of service here at St. Thomas Aquinas University Parish. In special recognition of this, we have held our “Jubilee Challenge”, made possible by the extraordinary generosity of one of our parishioners. His promise to match, up to one million dollars, dollar for dollar for each new pledge and cash gift made to the Priory by the end of December 2013 has enabled us to come astonishingly close to the completion of our Priory fundraising project.

During the medieval period, many great cathedrals and monastic houses of Europe were constructed through the combined benevolence of wealthy patrons and extraordinary generosity of those of more modest means. In our own Priory construction, we have similarly witnessed he ceaseless liberality of friends from all walks of life and economic backgrounds. This new Priory is as truly built of love and prayer as it is of wood and brick.

Indeed, my friends, my heart is full. I thank each and every one of you, from our generous anonymous funder of this triumphant Jubilee Challenge to all of those who gave a “Widow’s Mite”. May Our Blessed Lord shower you with abundant and unexpected blessings, both now and in the New Year; and may we all devote our lives ever more fully to His service, through the guidance and inspiration of His Holy Mother.

God Bless,

Fr. Luke Clark, O.P.
Dominican Friars

"May the Lord build our house and watch over our city."

The Dominicans have had the pleasure of serving St. Thomas Aquinas Parish in Charlottesville, VA and the University of Virginia for fifty years! Since we arrived in 1959, we have witnessed a tremendous growth in faith and size in our community. To continue to meet the needs of our vibrant parish and University we are endeavoring to build a Priory.

Only with your help can we make this mission a reality!

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